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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pakistan can earn million dollars from gemstones export

Pakistan can earn million dollars from gemstones export

Pakistan earn million of US dollars from the export of gemstones during the year.

The gemstones being exported to various countries include ruby,emerald, sapphire, topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline, quartz, garnet, diamond albite and Peridot.

This increase was registered due to involvement of the private sector in this industry which has been ignored in the past.

The country can earn a sizeable foreign exchange by exporting gemstones in the finished forms.

Gemstones are being sold abroad in raw shape but value additionand cutting of gemstones to finished products can increase the price about 200 times.

Pakistan is bestowed with huge deposits of emerald and there is a 70-kilometer long belt of this precious stone in Sawat and Kohistan area.

As for topaz stone, a unique kind of a bicolor sapphire having combination of pink and blue has been discovered in Mardan area which has a big demand in the world.

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